Quick Sell Or Quick Rent

Ready To Sell?

The beginning – Not sure what your home is worth? What price should I list at?

Quick Property agents will make available a professional, detailed, accurate property sale valuation by an independent valuer – why do this? This will give you a more accurate idea of what your home is worth & in closer alignment to bank valuations which gives the buyer a better chance of obtaining finance. This can make for a quicker sale!

What next? We encourage but do not enforce a seller to get all their ducks in a row. As a seller you need to have your home well presented & ready for sale this is usual practice…… but could you do more? You could take more control & have more input in the sale of YOUR home.

Our Quick Property agents can then focus on bringing buyers to you!

When you sell a car you clean it, list it & its your responsibility to have a professional vehicle check done before sale – why? Because this gives any buyer ‘Peace of mind’ and the knowledge that you have put everything in place for them to come with the money & buy that car! Let’s do this for Real Estate!

Get in touch with a Quick Property Agent

Have an independent valuer do a sale valuation on your home organised through your Quick Property agent

Get a pest & building inspection done through your Quick Property agent

See faster contracts! No wait times for pest & building

No upfront costs! Put costs of your valuation, pest & building on finance through your Quick Property agent.

Ready To Rent Your Property?

We have Quick Property agents ready to manage your property & will be able to offer you a professional service with buy now pay later options for all your rental property needs!

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